birthstones – the year in gems, part two

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In continuation of  the birthstones posting,

With each month being assigned a particular birthstone, so is each birthstone associated with particular virtues;

according to the following is a list of values of the common birthstones as mentioned in the Gregorian Birthstones poems;

for January ~ whose stone is Garnet  ….  strength, perseverity, prosperity, health

for February ~whose stone is  Amethyst …  wisdom, spirituality, sobriety, security

for March ~ whose stone is Bloodstone … endurance

for April ~ whose stone is Diamond … invincibility, clarity, purity, eternal love

for May ~ whose stone is Emerald … patience, understanding, foresight

for June ~ whose stone is Pearl … modesty, purity, beauty, happiness

for July ~ whose stone is Ruby … love, success, integrity, passion & promise

for August ~ whose stone is Peridot … fame, dignity, protection, success

for September ~ whose stone is Sapphire … truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty

for October ~ whose stone is Opal …  hope, faith, confidence

for November ~ whose stone is Topaz … strength, wisdom, courage

for December ~ whose stone is Turquoise …  new possibilities, happiness

Perhaps something to consider when looking at birthstones 😉

gemstone images courtesty: From Italy with Love Jewelers


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