Birthstone of the Month – April

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For those born in the month of April … Diamond is the official birthstone.

the story behind diamond …

“Diamonds may be everything from a girl’s best friend or coal that stuck to its job–either way it’s a gemstone with a mystique all its own. As a gemstone, diamond has remained a symbol of stability and dependability in an ever-changing world. Made of carbon, the most common material on the planet, diamond is a stone with a range of colors that is most often valued for its colorlessness. From its use in religious icons in ancient India to the glittering Hope diamond necklace in the Smithsonian, this gemstone has captured the human imagination for millennia.

The word ”diamond” comes from the ancient Greek word ”adamas,” meaning unbreakable, unchangeable or invincible. Diamonds are believed to be used as a gemstone in India for more than 3,000 years–possibly even 6,000 years! Craftsmen in Stone Age China used diamonds to polish ceremonial axes left in graves. These days, while low-quality diamonds are still used in industrial companies for cutting and polishing, the most common and recognized use for the diamond is in jewelry. ”

(as quoted from FireMountainGems)

For those that perhaps would like to find something a little more affordable … rock crystal/quartz has been considered an alternate birthstone for the month of April for quartz was often used as imitation diamonds in jewelry.  It is said to provide balance, clarity, and energy.

Quartz can be found in a few Peacock & Lime pieces, including these pretty little lampwork earrings …


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Happy St. Patrick’s day Happy Easter!

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