Birthstone of the Month – May

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For those born in the month of May … Emerald is the official birthstone.

the story behind emerald …

“This mesmerizing stone’s velvety green color is unmistakable. The rich color is renowned as a color of spring and has long been a symbol of romance, hope and rebirth. As the precious gem associated with the goddess Venus, emerald is also commonly believed to aid in fertility.

The name emerald comes from the Sanskrit word ‘marakata’, which means spring green. Many legends and stories surround this magnificent and powerful stone. The Chaldeans, a kingdom of biblical times, believed emeralds contained Ishtar, their goddess of love and war. In the Middle East, an emerald amulet would often be engraved with a verse from sacred religious texts.

Ancient Egyptians believed the green color of emerald represented fertility and rebirth. They would commonly carve emerald scarabs and place them at the heart of a mummy to make the deceased’s health flourish in the afterlife. Pale green emeralds were once thought by the Romans to be unripe and as they changed to a darker shade of green, they were maturing in potency. Gazing into the cool green color was reported by Pliny, an author and philosopher of ancient Rome, to ease eyestrain. Nero Augustus, a Roman emperor, reportedly watched gladiator games through a large emerald because he found the color to be calming.

In some legends, the Holy Grail used by Christ at the last supper was made from a giant emerald. Later, the emerald grail was used to collect his blood dripping from the cross, imbuing the grail with fantastic and holy powers. In Ireland, March is the month for wearing green emeralds for good luck.  ”

(as quoted from FireMountainGems)

While technically not containing emeralds, this vintage~inspired repurposed antique brass necklace sports some lovely emerald green colored glass beads 🙂


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