Birthstone of the Month – July

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“The gleaming Ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they’ll be exempt and free,
From lover’s doubts and anxiety.”





For those born in the month of July … Ruby is the official birthstone, which, “along with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, are considered one of the four precious gemstones.  Ruby is a hard, durable and rare stone and its value is usually determined by color, clarity and size or carat.

Ruby is the red stone of the corundum mineral family which can be found in Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Kampuchea, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, the U.S.A. and Zimbabwe.”

(as quoted from MagpieGemstones)

the story behind rubies …

“The queen of gems, deep red ruby is the rarest and most valuable of gemstones. Rubies have been so loved by royalty, they have always included them in their insignias and famous jewelry, but rubies actually have humble beginnings. Most deposits are still worked in the primitive way they’ve been worked for centuries. They are panned from rivers and picked out by hand from the other minerals around them. Their beauty is only skin deep. In their natural rough form, they are dull greasy-looking stones. But cut and polished, their high luster is dazzling (comparable to diamonds), and their rich red color is pleochroic. (Pleochroic is color that varies when you view it from different directions.”

(as quoted from FireMountainGems)

The shavasana bracelet, while not actually containing rubies, does feature some similar ruby-red coloured garnet gemstone beads :-)


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