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Oh … so exciting!   Today is the day … the BIG REVEAL for all those participating in Lori Anderson’s 8th annual Bead Soup Blog Party! I can.not.wait. to see what everyone has designed and created!

My beautiful bead soup (if you’ll remember, from the lovely Niky Sayers) has been simmering and stewing away for a few weeks now.  It has finally finished percolating, having left a delightful aroma and an amazing array of ideas to create with.

{a reminder of what Niky sent me (isn’t it gorgeous!?) Thank You so much, Niky!! }


With such a beautiful assortment, only a few extra ingredients were added to get things going … and they were;

~ a pinch of Czech glass beads, and copper beads,

~ a splash of leather,

~ a drop of chain,

~ a handful of copper rivets,

~ a pat of fabric bias tape,

~ and a little dash of brass & copper wires.


And the end result?


Similar to last year, with so many pretty components, I decided to create more than 1 piece to give them all the spotlight they deserve.  (and besides that … there were just so many ideas running around in my head!)  The initial reveal date was set for May 3rd, and by that time, I had created 3 different pieces … a mixed multi media wrap bracelet, a fabric and chain double strand bracelet and a prominent focal pendant necklace.


This mixed multi media wrap bracelet features Niky’s handmade coin clasp up front and centre! It is surrounded by the  polka dot lampwork spacer beads by Laura Sparling, the pearl beads, some added Czech glass trumpet beads and a leather band with copper rivets and accents.


This fabric and chain double strand bracelet features the pink (possibly rose quartz or jade?) round beads surrounded by Liberty of London fabric (in a nod to where this soup originated!) and added natural brass chain & findings.


This prominent focal pendant necklace features the stunning lampwork focal by Moogin Beads, Niky’s own fancy head pins tripled up with the focal bead and also used as a design element & connector for the Roman glass bead on top surrounded by an added natural brass ring, and copper findings.


bead soup pieces


Since, the reveal was postponed a week – until now …  a bit of extra time was granted, which gave a little incentive to create a few other items, so for this year’s celebration …  5 pieces materialized out of  my beautiful bead soup (I guess I just wanted as many of the beads to get to go to the bead soup blog party!)


The newest editions were the butterfly dangle earrings, centered around the beautiful lampwork head pins by Earth Shine Beads, and paired with copper butterfly beads and simple natural brass ear wires.


And lastly, another multi strand bracelet (hmm … I’m sensing a trend here!)  focusing around Niky’s lentil coin bead and featuring square czech glass beads, liberty of london fabric, purple leather and a mixture of copper and natural brass wire and findings.



Participating in an event such as this is so incredible.  It is beyond amazing to see the creativity of such a collective group of talented participants – to see what they were sent, and how they chose to work with that to design truly spectacular pieces. It is also so wonderful to receive a package of gorgeous goodies that one would not ordinarily find, and to have been teamed up with a fantastic partner who has now become a new overseas friend 🙂  I can not thank Lori enough for creating/ hosting/organizing such an extraordinary event, and for choosing such a perfect partner to work with! And a huge Thank You to Niky for making this so much fun! I hope you like what became of your beads!


Now … I can’t wait to see what Niky came up with, from the soup I sent her!  Interested?  Let’s go check out Silver NikNats …


Need more!?  To see a list of all of those participating, and their amazing creations, please visit our lovely host – Lori Anderson’s site

Have fun!

143 thoughts on “bead soup blog party reveal

  1. Hi!

    My partner sent me lampwork headpins from Earth Shine, too – they’re brilliant, aren’t they?

    Those multi-strand bracelets are gorgeous – I love the colour scheme and the use of mixed media. I’ve never been able to work out how to make bracelets interesting and I wish I had your instinct for it.

    The necklace with the lampwork focal is just beautiful, too; I love all the suspended circles.

  2. I’m in love with your creations 🙂 I love them all! haha I especially like the necklace. Love the wirework you made with the focal. And those earrings are adorable. The headpins are gorgeous!

  3. Your necklace featuring the lampwork focal is so great. You are very creative!

  4. First of all, your soup was awesome. I guess because I like purple so much.. lol Your designs are amazing. I really love the butterfly earrings, but I am quite fond of your necklace. Great job.

  5. Oh Wow, I completely love every piece that you have created, you have put so much thought into your designs and that really shows through! I really can’t decide which I love more as they are all so very beautiful and I love the Liberty of London fabric how very clever! And your photos are just as beautiful, I mean wow, you have a fantastic eye for both colour and detail, I could not have hoped for a better partner! x

    1. Aw Niky – you sure know how to make a person *blush*! But, I couldn’t have done any of it without you! I am so happy we got to “meet” – what an awesome bsbp pairing 🙂

  6. I love the Soup you received and I love each and every piece you created with it! And please go on with the multi strand bracelets!! They are gorgeous

  7. What a beautiful collection! I particularly love how you created the necklace with the lampwork focal, the wirework and the combination with metal are perfect!

  8. Lovely soup, Kristina! What a beautiful necklace with that wirewrapped lampwork bead – an eyecatch for sure!

  9. Everything here is perfect: the colros, the metallic components, the fibers and leather and then a wrap bracelet!love it! You made the best out of your soup!

  10. Wonderful pieces! The color palette is wonderful, and as I am fond of wrap bracelets that is my favorite 🙂

  11. HI there well let me just say: I loved your designs and the colors are so beautiful and mesmerizing . I couldn’t pick my favorite bracelt I love them all. The little earrings are gorgeous . The beauty and simplicity in the lines and colors in the necklace well are just amazing you did a brilliant job and I love it all.

  12. You have really stirred up your soup into some amazing works of art. I love the earrings they are yummy!!! beautiful and colorful!!!

  13. I love all your soup pieces. That extra week was well worth it, as your last two pieces are beautiful. I love Niky’s coin clasp and bead. You used them well!

  14. What a beautiful soup you received and you certainly did it justice. I am so in love with all of your pieces that I can’t pick a favorite. I love the bracelets and the earrings are stupendous.

  15. Wonderful designs. I’m partial to bracelets as a rule and love each one you created. Excellent wirework too.

  16. Hi Kristina,
    I really love all of Your pieces !!
    Colors so romantic I have a soft spot for those violet pink colors (…my romantic heart ..) .Bracelets are gorgeous and it was good You got some extra time to make those pretty earrings and the last bracelet that is my favo 🙂 ……….I think…
    Pendant You created for the necklace is great too !! Yumm
    xx B

  17. Wow, so nice pieces. I can’t make a decision whats my favourite. Love them all but the focal with the lampworkbead and the second bracelet are outstanding 🙂

  18. What a wonerful soup! I love what you have done with it the Liberty fabric bracelet was a great idea and I love the necklace with the lampwork bead focal and those butteerfly dangle earrings are so pretty I have never seen headpins like those must check it out!
    I hope you will have time to visit me.

  19. Brilliant jewelry! I’m partial to the sixpence bracelet and those wonderful butterfly earrings. Me mum was English. Hugs

  20. I flipping puffy heart LOVE Moogin beads — I can recognize them anywhere! That necklace is my favorite (love the framing!) And I’m so glad Niky sent you some of her awesome coin work — she sent me a button and it was in my first ever piece in Belle Armoire Jewelry — if she hadn’t sent it to me, I never would have been able to think way outside my creativity level.

    EXCELLENT work and thank you so much for participating!

  21. All very fun pieces! I love the easy going, fresh feel of your creations, especially the last bracelet (love the multiple strands!) and your necklace. Lovely work!

  22. Beautiful use of your bead soups! I really like your partner’s wirework, too…the spiral headpins, especially.

  23. Wonderful colors! And I love what you made. So much stuff! I love the coin beads. They are really different! That Moogin bead is the bomb. And I love your little swirls, very distinctive. I, too, was grateful for the extra time as it allowed me to make more than the one thing that I thought I would do! Thank you for sharing your talents with the 8th Bead Soup party! Enjoy the day. Erin

  24. What a delicious soup! I love how you incorporated all of that purple into your designs! I LOVE the necklace with the Moogin focals! So awesome! I really love how all of your jewelry looks worn together! Excellent work! xo Genea

  25. Wow! These are beautiful! I love the clasps she made and how your wrap bracelets look super fun! Beautiful earrings as well 🙂

  26. Loving those gorgeous glass headpins! Sometimes, great beads don’t need very much to become stunning jewelry, and those butterfly earrings prove it… well done!

    As the daughter of a quilter, I’m fascinated by the fabric links…what a clever technique!

  27. What interesting components you got! All the pieces are lovely, but I think the necklace has to be my favorite among them. Yummy!

  28. Gosh, I’m stumped. I can’t pick one single design that is my favorite! There’s one bracelet with purple cord…….I think that might be it.

  29. Everything you created is beautiful. Those headpins with the butterflies are my absolute favorites though, they look fantastic in the simple design.

  30. Got to love those amazing handmade clasps haven’t you? And the way you’ve incorporated it into your bracelet means that it will get the attention it derserves. I really love your layering and mixing of styles. Gorgeous.

  31. I really like the necklace… so clever with all of those copper goodies.. the design is superb! Also the mixed multimedia wrap bracelet… and the earrings… they all are gorgeous!!!

  32. Wow – such wonderful ingredients to play with and you did them proud. Everything is beautiful, but I particularly like the sweet butterfly earrings and the wide purple leather bracelet with the flower detail. Awesome job!

  33. Just beautiful! Love the color scheme of this soup and I love what you did with all your pieces. The bracelets are awesome!

  34. Love your bracelets, and the pendant idea is brilliant. Love the headpins, they look like part of the butterfly itself.

  35. What great pieces. I love the wrap bracelets and the way you used the button clasp and the lentil coin bead in the two. A very unique way to use the focal in the necklace. The copper disc really sets it off. And I love the earrings with the glass headpins.

  36. Oh my, GREAT creations!! I really love the purple bracelet with the glass flowers…that one calls to me. But they are all beautiful!! ~KM

  37. Hi Kristina, the first wrap bracelet is beautiful. The purple leather really makes everything pop. You showcased the lampworked bead really well in your necklace. I saved a picture of it for inspiration. My favorite piece is the awesome lampworked headpin earrings. They are gorgeous.

  38. Exquisite work! The multistrand bracelet and ohhh butterfly earrings are divine! Outstanding, lovely work! Detailed, gorgeous, and gifted! Wonderful soup and fab creations! Happy Hopping! ♥ Rita

  39. I love everything you created. Those coin focals from Niky are great and the colour combinations and mixed media designs are amazing. You got a great soup mix and you created a gourmet meal with it all. Great job!

  40. I luv what you did with your fantastic soup! Beautiful pieces all around. The earrings are my fave. But all pieces are so pretty!

  41. Beautiful, unique jewellery! I especially like the way you use colours, your combinations are not usual but very sophisticated.

  42. Beautiful pieces! The wrap bracelet, the use of fabric – it all calls to me. You made such a unique focal out of the… focal. It looks much better and one can see its true size in the picture with the live model 🙂

  43. Kristina, your soup was exquisite! I love the way you designed with it, such beautiful pieces 🙂

  44. Gorgeous work! Really Soup-er! Yep I’m still hopping! Don’t want to miss a thing!
    Thanks for your recent visit and the kind comment you left me. I really appreciated it!

  45. Your pieces are all so lovely! The palette is one of my favorites so all of your pieces really call out to me. Your necklace and that last bracelet are my favorite, though why I can’t even pinpoint. Wonderful work!

  46. Wow!!! I love every piece. But that purple focal with the copper wire wrapping is stunning! My favorite! Great job!

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