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a penny for your thoughts …

Eep! It has just occurred to me that I never posted any photos of what become of the gorgeous Canadian penny clasps I posted a while back … well, wait no longer … allow me to introduce my Canadian Penny clasp mixed media wrap bracelets!

These bracelets showcase the spectacular clasp (commissioned from Niky Sayers), along with some beautiful little tiny polka dotted lampwork spacer beads by Lampwork by Julie, some colour co-ordinating leather and natural brass chain & findings.


They have yet to find their way into the Etsy shop, but there is one listed here on the website!  Enjoy!


*Update* one of the bracelets has made it in to the Etsy shop and can be found here! *


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Star Struck

Just in time for the party season … the stunning latest Winter 2015 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine has hit store shelves!

In it, amongst all of the gorgeous glittery gifting projects, are a few peacock & lime pieces (and tutorials)!

Featured are the Wish Upon a Star Necklace



the Butterfly Raindrop earrings, and the Sing a Song of Sixpence bracelet (featuring Liberty of London fabric and a gorgeous sixpence bead by Niky Sayers of Silver NikNats)

winter 2015 content page fabric,-bead-and-six-pence-coin-bracelet-by-peacock-and-lime


Looking for ideas to create a last minute gift for someone?! This is a great source of inspiration!

winter 2015 cover


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bead soup blog party reveal

Oh … so exciting!   Today is the day … the BIG REVEAL for all those participating in Lori Anderson’s 8th annual Bead Soup Blog Party! I can.not.wait. to see what everyone has designed and created!

My beautiful bead soup (if you’ll remember, from the lovely Niky Sayers) has been simmering and stewing away for a few weeks now.  It has finally finished percolating, having left a delightful aroma and an amazing array of ideas to create with.

{a reminder of what Niky sent me (isn’t it gorgeous!?) Thank You so much, Niky!! }


With such a beautiful assortment, only a few extra ingredients were added to get things going … and they were;

~ a pinch of Czech glass beads, and copper beads,

~ a splash of leather,

~ a drop of chain,

~ a handful of copper rivets,

~ a pat of fabric bias tape,

~ and a little dash of brass & copper wires.


And the end result?


Similar to last year, with so many pretty components, I decided to create more than 1 piece to give them all the spotlight they deserve.  (and besides that … there were just so many ideas running around in my head!)  The initial reveal date was set for May 3rd, and by that time, I had created 3 different pieces … a mixed multi media wrap bracelet, a fabric and chain double strand bracelet and a prominent focal pendant necklace.


This mixed multi media wrap bracelet features Niky’s handmade coin clasp up front and centre! It is surrounded by the  polka dot lampwork spacer beads by Laura Sparling, the pearl beads, some added Czech glass trumpet beads and a leather band with copper rivets and accents.


This fabric and chain double strand bracelet features the pink (possibly rose quartz or jade?) round beads surrounded by Liberty of London fabric (in a nod to where this soup originated!) and added natural brass chain & findings.


This prominent focal pendant necklace features the stunning lampwork focal by Moogin Beads, Niky’s own fancy head pins tripled up with the focal bead and also used as a design element & connector for the Roman glass bead on top surrounded by an added natural brass ring, and copper findings.


bead soup pieces


Since, the reveal was postponed a week – until now …  a bit of extra time was granted, which gave a little incentive to create a few other items, so for this year’s celebration …  5 pieces materialized out of  my beautiful bead soup (I guess I just wanted as many of the beads to get to go to the bead soup blog party!)


The newest editions were the butterfly dangle earrings, centered around the beautiful lampwork head pins by Earth Shine Beads, and paired with copper butterfly beads and simple natural brass ear wires.


And lastly, another multi strand bracelet (hmm … I’m sensing a trend here!)  focusing around Niky’s lentil coin bead and featuring square czech glass beads, liberty of london fabric, purple leather and a mixture of copper and natural brass wire and findings.



Participating in an event such as this is so incredible.  It is beyond amazing to see the creativity of such a collective group of talented participants – to see what they were sent, and how they chose to work with that to design truly spectacular pieces. It is also so wonderful to receive a package of gorgeous goodies that one would not ordinarily find, and to have been teamed up with a fantastic partner who has now become a new overseas friend 🙂  I can not thank Lori enough for creating/ hosting/organizing such an extraordinary event, and for choosing such a perfect partner to work with! And a huge Thank You to Niky for making this so much fun! I hope you like what became of your beads!


Now … I can’t wait to see what Niky came up with, from the soup I sent her!  Interested?  Let’s go check out Silver NikNats …


Need more!?  To see a list of all of those participating, and their amazing creations, please visit our lovely host – Lori Anderson’s site

Have fun!

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Start mixing!

It’s time to start mixing … bead soup style.

A very special package arrived in the mail yesterday, and … Eek! It felt like Christmas all over again!

You know I can only be talking about a certain bead soup package 😉

Niky of Silver NikNats sent the most beautifully packaged assortment of special goodies.  As soon as you opened the lid … you knew you were in for a treat! … (and that is before even realizing the contents!)

First up … a hand written message on a gorgeous note card featuring an image of her very own vintage typewriter – how cool is that?! I totally love it!


Then … upon delving in,  the ribbon untied, and the black tissue paper pulled back … what was inside?  Little exquisitely wrapped black & silver parcels … looking so beautiful and perfect together, I {almost} didn’t want to open any of them!


Got over that feeling pretty quickly, and was so excited to see what each special package had inside ….


The first packet I opened up was the focal bead and it is GORGEOUS! Purples and greens made by Moogin Beads.

The next one I opened was one of Niky’s handmade clasps! (I was secretly crossing my fingers that she might send me one, ever since the first day when we were partnered up and I saw her work on her blog!)

Next came some beautiful lampwork spacers by Laura Sparling, some pearls, pink beads, roman glass (so cool!) beads and lampwork head pins by Earth Shine beads

The last two packages contained more of Niky’s amazing handiwork … an awesome coin bead (created out of six pence coins) and some fancy headpins (which I totally love!)

I am so excited about all of these gorgeous goodies, but can’t help to feel totally anxious & stressed out! I sure hope to be able to come up with a design (or two!) that will do them all the justice they deserve!


Thank you so much, Niky!!

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bead soup on its way!

“What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp.”   ~Author Unknown

A quick little Bead Soup update …  the mix for Niky of SilverNikNats has officially started its trek across the pond!

(It was meant to go out yesterday, but my daughter set strict orders that it was in no way to be shipped until she was finished decorating the outside packaging – she wanted to get in on the fun, too!).


So there it goes … hoping for a quick and safe journey!

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coffee & some (bead) soup

And … we’re off!

Pretty Things - Bead Soup Blog Party

The 8th annual Bead Soup Blog Party is officially underway, and international partners have been assigned!

(If you’ll remember from last year’s post … the Bead Soup Blog Party is a wonderful once a year event, partnering participates from all over the world, who in turn send each other an assortment of beads and other goodies with the hopes of challenging their jewellery design skills and encouraging them to “think outside of their normal box” when it comes to creating pieces of jewellery. All of this is the brainchild of the amazing, one and only – Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog!)

I have just *met* my partner from the U.K. (hand picked by Lori, herself) and I must say … Niky Sayers of Silver NikNats and I must be kindred spirits! From her being a self proclaimed “lampwork bead addict”, to her taste in art, to her love of colour, the British show Sherlock & all things vintage-y – her contradiction (favourite word!) in style is as eclectic as mine! I’m very excited to see where this year’s soup will take us 🙂

Stay tuned to find out …

8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party


** Update:  the Blog Party has been pushed back a week, and will now begin on May 10th! **

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