bustling behind the scenes

Things have been lacking a little in the posting department here lately (so sorry about that!) … but all for good reason!

I’ve been working on a few new pieces, a few new magazine submissions (more on that coming soon!), a new online venue, a new photo blog and an update to the website! Whew!

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at what’s been going on behind the scenes …

New pieces …

your-wings-already-exist-necklace by peacock and lime


leather-and-pewter-heart-bracelets---by peacock and lime


A new online venue … Coming soon to Handmade at Amazon!  Peacock & Lime has been officially invited to join #HandmadeAmazon. More info on this venture as it becomes available …

handmade at amazon acceptance letter


A new photo blog.

We are now on Tumblr!  Join in there to see a photo essay with new pieces, promo shots and bohemian style pics!

peacock and lime tumblr

And finally … the website has been revamped!

Head to http://www.peacockandlime.com, and click on “enter website/shop” to see the new design :)

website mainpage


new website 2015


That’s all for now, folks! It’s been a crazy busy month, but more updates are soon to follow! Stay tuned … <3





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Peacock & Lime has been seen on tv


A little delayed, but so excited to announce that the Be Fearless Be Strong necklace that was submitted to the design stylist for Chasing Life last summer, was recently worn by Erika (actress Tahlena Chikami) in ABC Family‘s Chasing Life Season 2, Episode 1 – “A View from the Ledge”, original air date 7/6/15, thanks to The Artisan Group!  The show is currently trending on ABC Family.

chasing-life-necklace-by peacock and lime

Another item to scratch off the bucket list ;)

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Every day is a new adventure

And the adventure continues …

A quick update on what has been happening within the studio lately, fun photo shoots, some new pieces in the works, tumblr, and …  a couple of new magazine features!


Graffiti Photo shoot ….

karma circle wish bracelet, free spirit leather wrap bracelet, and canadian penny bracelets by peacock & lime

karma circle wish bracelet, free spirit leather wrap bracelet, and canadian penny bracelets by peacock & lime


Magazine Feature #1 …. the Jewelry Stringing Magazine – summer 2015 edition hit news stands earlier last month, and included a couple of Peacock & Lime pieces …

Love Struck Arrows necklace by Peacock & Lime - featured in the summer 2015 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine

Love Struck Arrows necklace by Peacock & Lime – featured in the summer 2015 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine


Jewelry Stringing Summer 2015 also featured an ad for Create Jewelry magazine (coming out in July) highlighting Peacock & Lime's Free Spirit leather wrap bracelets :)

Jewelry Stringing Summer 2015 included an ad for the upcoming Create Jewelry magazine (due out in early July) highlighting Peacock & Lime’s Free Spirit leather wrap bracelets :)



Magazine Feature #2 – Create Jewelry magazine …. showcases the free spirit leather wrap bracelets available now in the Etsy Shop!

create jewelry 2015 magazine

Create Jewelry magazine available in print form and in digital format at … http://www.interweavestore.com/create-jewelry-101-all-new-designs-2015

featured in create jewelry magazine - peacock and lime

Free Spirit watercolor wrap bracelet by Peacock & Lime



In the studio ….

peacock & lime luggage tags - in progress

A few new luggage tags in progress … “Always take the scenic route”, “Every day is a new adventure”, and “Not all those who wander are lost” by Peacock & Lime

A few new pieces ….

Simple black leather knotted bracelet by Peacock & Lime

Simple black leather knotted bracelet by Peacock & Lime


New Cosmic Galaxy necklaces by Peacock & Lime

New Cosmic Galaxy necklaces by Peacock & Lime


cosmic galaxy necklaces by Peacock and Lime

More cosmic galaxy necklaces by Peacock & Lime


And lastly … did you know that Peacock & Lime is now on Tumblr?! I’d love for you to come on over and join us!

Have a great rest of your week!


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Interchangeable bracelet series

Something new to share!  A different sort of bracelet series, where YOU get to design the style!

Interchangeable pieces that can be mix and matched to suit your mood and create the perfect look for you! And, it’s as easy as 1 … 2 … 3 !


Step 1 : choose your focal piece

focal-bars by peacock and lime


Step 2: add a strap (or two!) – choose from leather, gemstone beads and/ or multi-chains

interchangeable bracelets---strap styles by peacock and lime


Step 3: clip together and enjoy!

interchangeable bracelets by peacock & lime

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And the winner is …

A HUGE Thank You shoutout to All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something for writing such a wonderful post about Peacock & Lime-  and for hosting their little giveaway!
Congratulations to our winner ….

make mommy go something something review and peacock and lime necklace giveaway winner

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Be Fearless. Be Strong. | Peacock & Lime Giveaway (via All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something)

Hello June! What better way to start off the month, than with an opportunity to win a necklace from Peacock & Lime!
For more information on how … please head on over to Kimberly’s blog to read this amazing & touching post she has written at All Work And No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something


“No matter who you are, we all have those moments that we’d like to erase from our respective stories. You know, they’re the embarrassing ones like the time I was sedated for a procedure on my spine and I cursed at the anesthesiologist for getting iodine on my new sexy underwear. He kindly reminded me that I wasn’t wearing any and that if I touched my buttocks one more time they would have to restrain me.

Then there are the painful ones like that time my dog ran away and I blamed myself for his disappearance. I cried big crocodile tears as I waited at the back door for him every single night. It was many years later when I was in my 20’s that my dad revealed to me that he loathed the mangy mutt and had given it to a farmer.

Then there are break ups and losing loved ones and then there was the year 2012.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally — I was completely drained.

It was in May of that year, that I had just come out of surgery and I just received my brand new wish bracelet in the mail from Peacock & Lime . I have been ordering them ever since I had discovered Kristina’s store back in 2010. I thought to myself “Kim, this is it. This is a new beginning. Let’s start fresh” and so I made a wish and I put it on.

A day or two later, I started having complications from the surgery and had to go back in to the hospital. They initially thought that I had a blood clot in my lung, but thankfully, it was just a massive air pocket lodged in my diaphragm. It would be a few days before the gas would be absorbed, the surgeon had told me. Then she clipped my armband off…

…and the wish bracelet.

And I just busted out crying because that was the icing on my crap pie. The wish bracelet that represented me moving forward — and she snipped it off. ” … Read More

via All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something

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design challenge REVEAL day

Yippee! It’s here at last! Today is the Big Reveal Day for the 1st annual  #BeadPeepsSwap N Hop 2015 !

I’ve been dying to share what became of all of the gorgeous components Debra (of Debra’s Divine Designs) sent to me as part of this challenge … and finally! … I can! (*warning* this is going to be a long post, so feel free to just peruse the photos, if you feel so inclined! ;) )

Swap N Hop pieces ~ revealed!  peacock & lime creations for the bead peeps swap n hop 2015With so many beautiful bits and beads to work with … came so many ideas.  Where to begin was the biggest challenge!

What resulted were not 1, not 2, not 3 … but … 10 different pieces (with still more ideas floating around in my head!)  There are necklaces, bracelets and earrings … let’s have a look …

The first few pieces were created using Debra Jeffries‘ wing pendants.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to handle a real butterfly (or moth) wing piece, but once I read on Debra’s blog that “… all Butterfly & Insect wings are attained from cruelty-free farms across the globe through a licensed wholesaler. These farms raise and care for the caterpillars to pupae to butterflies and the butterflies once hatched are allowed to fly in freedom until their natural death. They are raised intentionally in underpriveledged countries and are collected when their lives expire naturally.” and that “These farms play a HUGE role in providing employment, education and conservation of their reared specimens as they release a certain percentage back into the wild to increase the natural population.”, it was made incredibly clear, how beautiful and special the pieces really are.

madagascar-sunset-moth-necklace-5Madagascar Sunset Moth pendant necklace.

With this necklace, Debra’s pendant is the focal piece, and is surrounded by 3 of the large silver jump rings, pink & orange seed beads and 1 of the silver tube beads she sent. I then added just a few other simple components such as copper jump rings, some brass wire, 2 lampwork glass bead spacers, a strip of leather and some micro-fiber suede cord.


great-orange-tip-butterfly-wing-necklace-3The Great Orange Tip pendant necklace.

This necklace again features Debra’s pendant as the focal and is partnered up with her lovely matte yellow lampwork bead, along with some added sea green new jade and aragonite gemstone beads, brass chain and brass components.





The Morpho Sulkowski wing pendant necklace.

This necklace pendant has a beautiful shimmering purple/blue hue. It incorporates some of the blue farfaille beads Debra sent, along with a hand dyed silk ribbon, some lavender stone gemstone beads and natural brass components from Vintaj.




Now for something completely different … bracelets!


leather-and-moonstone-wrap-bracelet-1I love multi strand bracelets, and the black moonstone beads and the silver farfaille beads that Debra sent worked in so well with these new designs.

The first bracelet is part of a new series collection I am creating, of interchangeable pieces. They will be individually customizable by allowing choice in leather and/ or bead bracelet sections.

The second bracelet is a take on a simple, classic, black leather wrap bracelet with double strands of gemstone beads.

some more necklaces …

The first necklace here was made using Debra’s gorgeous blue/green glass teardrop beads (wire wrapped into a flower) and a lovely leaf charm (with added patina ink). They are both attached to a copper square tag and hang on a simple copper ball chain.


I liked the teardrop bead flower so much, I just had to make another necklace! This one has the flower attached to one of the hammered silver rings from Debra, and paired up with leather cord, pewter tube beads and natural brass wire & components.


The next piece definitely has a bohemian flair. This one was made using Debra’s sea sediment jasper bead as the focal, along with some turquoise chips, a patina’d feather charm, some leather cord, natural brass components & chain, and a lovely spiral headpin (that I have been hoarding!) from my bead soup partner of last year – Niky of Silver NikNats.



Another Boho Style necklace … with a tassel.

tassel-bohemian-necklaceSuch beautful colours! I loved the matte yellow lampwork beads Debra sent, and this necklace features the other one! It is matched up with the other silver tube bead and some of Debra’s pink & orange seed beads. Add a lovely purple glass lampwork spacer bead from Lampwork by Julie, a multi-coloured tassel, some leather and some natural brass components and you’re good to go for summer festival season!


silver-circle-earringsAnd … the last piece made (for now, anyways!) …  a simple, dainty pair of circle earrings. Made mostly from Debra’s stash … the only added components were a few twisted brass jump rings.







Can you believe that ALL of these pieces were spawned from this batch of goodies … ?

bead-peeps-swap-from-Debra-JeffriesThank you so much, Debra, for the wonderful mix of pretty pieces to play with … you made it amazingly easy to get creative – with such talents and generosity and it has all been a joy to work with! I hope you had as much fun!  And thank you to Linda Anderson for all of your hard work in pairing up partners and hosting such a grand event!

I can’t wait to see what Debra did with the mix I sent her!  Let’s go have a peek at Debra’s blog to find out!

And after that … off to see what everyone else in the swap has created!

To see a full list of the participants … visit Linda Anderson’s From the Bead Board blog, see the list below or click here

Time to grab a cup of coffee, this may take a little while ;)



Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2015 

Partner List  

 Our Hostess: Linda Anderson from http//:fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com

Linda Anderson http://fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com
Marica Zammit http://www.beadlovelies.com
Jessica Hocutt https://faithfamilyandadventure.wordpress.com
Kristina Hahn Eleniak http://www.peacockandlime.wordpress.com
Debbie Jeffries http://debrasdivinedesigns.com/blog
Rosantia Petkova http://bairozan.blogspot.com/
Shalini Austin http://jewellerybyshalini.co.uk/my-blog/
Catherine La Vite http://drygulchbeadsandjewelry.blogspot.com
Annica Larsson http://zestyfrog.wordpress.com/
Lori Schneider http://beadaddicted.blogspot.com/
Divya N http://www.jewelsofsayuri.com
Mowse Doyle http://mowsemadethis.blogspot.com
Fay Wolfenden http://torchfairy.blogspot.com
Kathy Lindemer http://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/
Claire Fabian http://saraccino.blogspot.de/
Janice Warden Bergeron http://thejewelryroom.blogspot.ca
Natalie Davidson http://www.northshoredays.com
Deb Fortin http://www.studiok24.blogspot.ca
Inge von Roos http://ingetraud.wordpress.com
Karen Mitchell http://overthemoon-design.com
Robin Reed http://willowdragon.blogspot.com
Marie Covert http://thistledown-and-swaddlings.blogspot.com/
Alicia Marinache http://www.allprettythings.ca
Nan Smith http://www.wirednan.blogspot.ca
Johana Nunez http://artincendi.com
Kelly Hosford Patterson http://travelingsideshow.blogspot.com/
Lori Blanchard http://alainnjewelry.WordPress.com
Sue Kennedy http://suebeads.blogspot.com
Shai Williams http://shaihasramblings.com
Niky Sayers http://silverniknats.blogspot.co.uk
Melissa Trudinger http://beadrecipes.wordpress.com
Candida Castleberry http://www.spunsugarbeadworks.blogspot.com
Erin Guest http://www.renlish.com
Nicole Rennell http://nicolerennell.com/blog
Ien Temaluru http://ienmaginationsjewelry.wordpress.com
Robin Showstack http://heartsdesiresjewelryforyou.blogspot.com/
Sam Waghorn http://palemooncreation.blogspot.co.uk
Marianne Baxter http://www.simplyseablimejewelry.blogspot.com
Elsie Deliz-Fonseca http://ladelizchica.blogspot.com
Shai Williams http://shaihasramblings.com
Lee Koopman http://stregajewellry.wordpress.com
Jayne Capps http://mamasgottodoodle.blogspot.com
Marti Conrad http://artisancomponentmarketplace.com/martisbuttonsandbeads/2015/03/20/bead-peeps-blog-hop/
Tina Bosh http://bookbug-somanybookssolittletime.blogspot.com/
Eleanor Thomas http://woolywireetc.blogspot.com
Jeanne Steck http://www.gemsbyjeannemarie.blogspot.com
Gloria Allen http://www.wingsandbeads.blogspot.com
Rachel Mallis http://www.mintmonarch.com/#!blog/c1jlz
Andrea Glick http://zenithjade.blogspot.com/
Stephanie Stamper http://skwds.blogspot.com
Chris Haussler http://pixybugdesigns.blogspot.com
Betony Maiden http://www.beadwenches.blogspot.com/
Kari Asbury http://hippiechickjewelrydesign.com/blog/
Jenny Kyrlach http://anafiassa.blogspot.com/
Colleen Foley http://colleenfoleycreations.blogspot.com
Marybeth Rich http://forestofjewels.blogspot.com/
Marcy Lamberson http://www.StudioMarcy.blogspot.com
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell http://www.deelitefuljewelrycreations.blogspot.com
Ginny Lones http://www.Skippingintotheunknown.blogspot.com
Maria Rosa Sharrow http://willowstreetshops.blogspot.com
Loretta Carstensen http://designsbyloretta.blogspot.com
Dolores Raml http://craftydscreations.wordpress.com
Michelle McCarthy http://www.fireflydesignstudio.blogspot.com
Louise McCormick-Glazier http://jewelrytreasuresbylouise.blogspot.com/
Heather Richter http://desertjewelrydesigns.blogspot.com
Tammy Adams http://www.paisleylizard.com/blog/
Shirley Moore http://beadsandbread.blogspot.com
Seed Beaders






Pallavi Asher http://kalaabhushan.blogspot.in/
Jami Shipp http://celebratinglifewithdamamashipp.blogspot.com
Peggy Kosier http://www.kosydesigns.blogspot.ca/
Andra Weber http://andrasjoyfuljourney.blogspot.com
Catherine King http://catherines-musings.blogspot.com
Krafty Max http://kraftymax.com
Sierra Barrett http://giraffecanhas.wordpress.com
Lois Sherwood http://thiznthat5454blog.wordpress.com
Katy Heider http://onthepondcreations.blogspot.com
Rebecca Robertson   (White) http://morganafeycreations.121hub.com/
Heather Richter http://desertjewelrydesigns.blogspot.com
Brandy Collier http://bhjewelry.wordpress.com
Stephanie Haussler http://www.pixybugdesigns.blogspot.com
Lori Blanchard http://alainnjewelry.WordPress.com
Kathleen Breeding http://99bobotw.blogspot.com
Becky Pancake http://beckypancakebeaddesigns.blogspot.com
Renetha Stanziano http://lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com/
Tami Norris https://jewelrybytami.wordpress.com/
Ginger Bishop http://lilmummylikes.blogspot.com/
Peggy Johnson http://charmbarn.blogspot.com

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