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Artisan collaborations –

I love working with other artisan’s components. Incorporating another’s work creates a different dimension to designing and really opens up creativity. It is such an awesome experience to meet (either online or in person) the collaborator & it’s fun! (plus there’s the added extra bonus of ending up with new friends as a result!)

This new custom leather & pyrite bead wrap bracelet is an artisan collaboration.  It focuses on a one of a kind, bright and colourful, handmade polymer clay sugar skull component by Anastasia of Dreams and Elements. Her work is so spirited and whimsical … it absolutely livens up this slightly steampunk / rustic industrial piece.




While this custom bracelet is not available for sale (as it has already been spoken for) … if you were interested in owning one of Anastasia’s one of a kind components – you’re in luck! She does make other similar sugar skulls (along with owls, kittens, hearts, and more!)  and you can find them in her etsy shop!

I have a few of her awesome goodies and will be making more pieces with them coming soon … so stay tuned!

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January 2016 colour design challenge

Happy 2016! With a new year – comes the time to try something new!

Every month, Dry Gulch Beads hosts a Color Design Challenge intended to inspire creativity based on a selected colour palette. I thought that this year, maybe Peacock & Lime should join in on the fun! So – here we go …

January’s design challenge is based on the colours below;

Dry Gulch january 2016 color challenge


I’ve created this necklace – which is a combination of mixed metals – from sterling silver, to antique brass and aged copper, and which incorporates various media ~ ball chain, cable chain, czech glass beads, leather and wire.  And, while some of the blue tones are a little hard to pick out in this image rest assured they are in there in the czech glass beads!

It is called … For the love of photos …


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Top 7 Jewelry Trends for 2016 That You’ve Missed | Jewelry Trends


Happy New Year!

A follow up to the previous post … Sandra Yakovleva has come up with a few more Jewelry Trends for 2016! Check out this next Top 7 list …

(*and if you’re looking to complete your wardrobe with a few new additions … you’ll find a little bit of almost all things listed in the Etsy shop!)

“Here are the latest (and fun) Jewelry Trends for 2016.

1. Pearls

Have pearls ever really gone off the fashion trends? I think not. If anything, we see pearls being matched with other metals and stones that breathe new life into the standard ‘classic’ feel.

If my words have not persuaded you, do see this image of Rihanna taken by surprise when the journalists captured her advertising the new trend (taken to the next level):

2. Chokers

They’re back! A new and updated look since the outdated throat-clinging chokers from the 90s. Their appearance on the Ohne Titel runway show (image on the top left) was very intriguing. The A Detacher collection was glammed up by the golden choker chains which were equally exciting despite their simplicity (bottom left).

Needless to say, Swarovski made a real fashion statement on the Balenciaga runway show with their graphic punk-like chokers that were both edgy and sophisticated. See more jewelry from the 2015/2016 Balenciaga collection here. Givenchy’s crystal collars were fine as lace, borderline magical I would say (top right).

Narciso Rodriguez presented his take on the choker trend with a touch of sophistication; the chokers took on a more sculptural jewelry shape (bottom image, right). And more chokers from other designers I cannot recall:

3. Beads

I would question the permanence of this trend, but if Channel says it’s a trend, you know it’s here to stay. Beaded necklaces also appeared frequently at Suno paired with high necked sweaters. They also embellished the tradition tweed winter outfits, so I really can’t argue here (although I want to).

4. Statement Necklaces

It’s an exciting time to be making fashion statements! Those with a closet as dark as a widow’s – here is your chance to show the world that you CAN wear color (that’s why jewelry exists). So don’t throw out all those little black dresses your friends and family frown upon, purchase some statement necklaces for some tasteful color blocking (like the ladies in the middle row, but with the colorful jewelry)!

5. Vintage

This one was probably implemented after my article on Royal Jewelry

In all seriousness, vintage jewelry that looks like it’s been robbed right off of Queen Elizabeth’s neck is very in right now.

6. Brooches

Like the Queen! No really, you should see the article on Royal Jewelry. I’m a prophecy.

7. Sculptural and Geometric Jewelry

This is my favorite trend. If it won’t be a trend, I’ll be sure to make it one.

It seems this one will stay around for a while. It’s a sure way to stay edgy and trendy, so really you should purchase something from this category if anything.

These are the trends I found most exciting. Of course, there are other ones not mentioned such as multiple rings, statement rings, sculptural jewelry and the like.

Do have a look at all these other ones…

Other trends: Multiple Rings & Statement Rings

Other trends: Sculptural Jewelry

Other trends: Bauble Bracelets

Other trends: Drop Earrings

Other trends: Decorative/Intricate Jewelry”

via Top 7 Jewelry Trends for 2016 That You’ve Missed | Jewelry Trends.

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Top 7 Jewelry Trends for 2016 | Jewelry Trends

Happy New Year’s Eve !


With 2015 quickly coming to an end, let’s have a look at the New Year ahead and see what the up coming trends in the jewellery department may be! 

“The year 2016 is a mystery in a box.

We don’t know what will happen next on the scope of world politics, the economy, let alone the unraveling of our personal lives and the prospects of our careers. Regardless of what’s in store for us, we will still wake up, brush our teeth, shower and get dressed. Day in and day out, we will open our closet and stare into it for what feels like an eternity, trying to figure out what to wear. We put on our best attire and head out the door.

Some of us may hesitate and come back inside or take that extra time in the morning to rethink our fashion choices and deliberate on enhancing ‘the look’ with the right jewelry. That being said, this article is for those who like to stay ahead of the game with the latest and upcoming trends. I cannot promise to hit the nail on the head with my forecast, but what I can promise is a glimpse into the trends of jewelry and where the currents are likely to take them next.

So I’m going to make it easy for you. Whip that credit card out and prepare to hit the stores.

Here it is.

The top 7 jewelry trends for 2016.

1. Crystals

Statement necklaces with crystals. I am a proud detective, for this trend is the one most likely to flourish into something extraordinary. I will not say much about this one, because I can’t wait for you to see the 2016 jewelry trends from the Swarovski designers team. Coming up shortly in one of the following articles. It’ll inspire you to become a jewelry designer yourself.

2. Crosses

We’ve reached the point where religious symbols are no longer directly tied to their immediate associations. You can pick up one of these rustic pieces without second guessing your choice. This trend is the one we will be seeing echoed in other categories of jewelry.

3. Gold, structured jewelry

A personal favorite of mine. There is something timeless about the elegance of gold juxtaposed with a structured jewelry item. We’ve seen them in stores for a few years now I believe, but gold is about to become one of the most prominent palettes in the fashion industry. Combined with a structured piece gives you that prized possession that can work for any occasion. With anything.

4. Chains

You might think this is no longer the ‘current’ trend because you’ve seen so much of it this year. I want you to envision a chain, and consider how may possible variations and designs are possible with an indefinite number of interlinked ovals of different sizes, shapes and colors. Yes, which is why this trend will stay, but continue to develop into something new and innovative in 2016. To name a few of the recurring items: double chain earrings, palm bracelets, belts, chokers etc.

5. Fringed statement pieces

An extension to the previous trend. Coming from someone who only has one permanent item that categorizes under ‘bracelets’ – the hair tie on my wrist, this trend will be implemented without a doubt.

2016 is going to be the year that will inspire me to spend my first paycheck on some of these bracelets. I suggest you do the same.

And may I also share an insider with you? I’ve mentioned I had a sneak peak into the Swarowski design team’s workings for the new trends of 2016, and there were some very impressive combinations of trend 5 and 1. Yes. Put that pen on paper, imagine the possibilities.

6. Hoops

This never grows old. It’s like taking a fragment of a chain, forming it into a hoop and embellishing it to make new pieces of jewelry. On top of the single hoops I’ve just illustrated, it appears that geometric forms and tribal designs will be implemented as well.

7. Ear cuffs

Yes, this one has been around for quite some time as well. You’re likely eying your collection of ear cuffs right now thinking ‘I’m so ahead of the game’ but don’t flatter yourself and your impeccable taste. Because the ear cuffs you own right now are so outdated compared to what’s coming out in 2016.”

via Top 7 Jewelry Trends for 2016 | Jewelry Trends.

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

Christmas greeting card

image courtesy: SalomeNJ

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Color Experts at Pantone Pick Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue as 2016’s Blended Color of the Year

The Jeweler Blog

For the first time ever, the color experts at Pantone have blended two shades — Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue — to create its 2016 Color of the Year. Together, the mineral pink and tranquil blue combine to communicate a sense of wellness and peacefulness, with a dash of gender equality.


Noted Pantone, “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

On its website, Pantone is displaying a short video showing the two colors flowing seamlessly into each other. This transition back and forth from pink to blue represents “societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity,” according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.


Each year, the color authorities at Pantone pick a color that they believe will be popular for designs…

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Pantone Announces 2016 Color(s) of the Year!

Just in from the color gurus at Pantone: For 2016, there’s not one, but two Colors of the Year! I present to you… Rose Quartz and Serenity!

Source: Pantone Announces 2016 Color(s) of the Year!

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